Spirit Walkers book cover

Spirit Walkers

Published by Ducks Pub
Typography by Mackenzie Swecker
Photography by Michael Michaelsen
Printed in Hong Kong by Artful Dragon Press
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Five Spirits come to Earth. Each receives a form, a name and a place to love. In return they paint the land, dispelling darkness with color. As gifts are given and received the earth transforms and so do the walkers.

Spirit Walkers is a thirty-two page picture book. Its message is for children 1yr. to 99 yr.. The brightly colored illustrations are painted in oils.

Find the hidden magic. Look closely at the illustrations and you might uncover a few secrets.

Spirit Walkers is a myth.

The story’s five characters, Desert Walker, Forest Walker, Mountain Walker, Hill Walker and Ocean Walker paint their land with their color trails answering the question, why are we here? We color our world with our love, our wishes, our deeds and our stories as we experience life. All the while we watch ourselves just like the moon watches the walkers in the book and we change.

It started in 1985.

I earned money in many ways when my children were young. I taught art lessons to children, instructed art at Great Basin College, baby-sat kids, painted signs, designed logos and painted murals. Spirit Walkers changed the direction of my life.

It was a rare quiet moment one summer evening. I was standing over a sink full of dirty dishes; my children, Nikki and Rick were outside playing with their dad, Steve, when suddenly the story came alive in my mind.

Spirit Walkers took its time to be born. I felt moved by its characters to bring them into being. They were continually in my thoughts. Their story was complicated. I wanted it to be simple. The story kept evolving as I experienced life. After spending twenty four years (off and on) rewriting the story, Spirit Walkers was finished.

Creativity is a doorway for magic.