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"Teddy is the illustrator of five books:
  1. Spirit Walkers, written, illustrated, and published by Teddy
  2. Ducks Ducks, also written, illustrated, and published by Teddy
  3. Children In Distress, an art therapy book for medical students written by Linda Whitney Peterson and Milton Edward Hardin
  4. Under Open Skies by Keeli McClintick
  5. Mommi Watta, Spirit of the River, written by Virginia Castleman

"Teddy is sometimes known as the C o l o r W i t c h when she works with her creative partner, Paul Reynolds, aka the Cartoon Wizard. They have established a new company called 'Spill the Magic.' Together they are getting ready to send off a series of how-to-draw-and-paint books for kids between nine and 14.

"Be sure to check out the section labeled CW2 (coming soon)."